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Sex Positive

Sex Positivity and Why We Can Help

We live in an information abundant society today, as more people worldwide are increasingly aware. It has never been more critical to come together, (regardless of the subject matter,) and send the clear message that in real life sex positivity matters - not just as industry professionals, but as people, and parents.

Having an Intimacy Coordinator on your production sends a clear message that this issue matters, to you. The optics are clear that care and attention have been paid. Gone are the days of expecting a performer to fly solo, (sometimes literally,) in performing a stunt. We would not expect a performer to work without a Stunt Coordinator. We understand how important it is to engage a trained professional. We can view the Intimacy Coordinator, as a cousin to the Stunt Coordinator, in their own unique speciality.

Sexual Mental Health

We aren't always aware of situations, or real-time experiences, that may elicit strong or difficult emotions, from ourselves or others.

Having an Intimacy Coordinator attached to your project helps to ensure a risk aware environment.

Sensitivity to sexual mental health triggers are crucial. An Intimacy Coordinator can recommend local Counsellors, or specialized Sex Therapists, if required. 

Having clear consent conversations in advance, talking about any sensitivities that exist, and setting clear boundaries, can all help mitigate discomfort from arising in the first place. That's part of what we're here for.

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