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Relevance of Intimacy Coordination in Film and Television

Being aware, and sensitive to media publicized situations: is our collective responsibility. In this era of the Time's Up and #Me Too movements we all have a role to play.

The Arts have always been at the forefront of inclusion: Creating a haven for all, whether professional or audience member.

Healing for our industry is a process.  Ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to support the performers, can go a long way toward sending the right message. Ensure that they feel safer, heard, and seen. Hiring an Intimacy Coordinator can help send that message, in a tangible way. 


  • Ensure that you are actively supporting not only your performers, but also everyone involved in the production. An Intimacy Coordinator is available as a support person and resource to everyone, whether cast, crew, or production. 

  • Meet the changing needs of the industry. Lead by example. Your commitment to support makes a difference, in this new specialty area.


We live in an increasingly diverse world today. People are expressing a variety of identities on both the sexuality, and gender spectrum.

Have an expert on hand. An Intimacy Coordinator is trained and knowledgeable to support all people: regardless of sexuality, or gender identity. Hire a professional, and ensure there is an expert support person on hand. 

The benefits of using this approach include:

  • Helping to reduce marginalization – this is by promoting sexuality and gender-inclusive  concepts that help mitigate the marginalization of anyone in the workplace.

  • Promoting the production ethos – being clear that everybody is welcome.

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