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Reasons to Choose Intimacy Coordination

Intimacy in any setting is a delicate matter. To bring intimacy to life on screen can make your art more interesting, believable, and exciting. Being able to optimize this impact in film and television is vital. Using a variety of methods across the board, utilizing an Intimacy Coordinator will help your performers feel supported by this specialist, in order that they can deliver, their best possible performance. Best practices, industry learned techniques, and time saving aspects of this craft make it a viable, and beneficial part of production.

Just some of the ways in which your production can benefit from Intimacy Coordination:

  • Streamline the pre-production process. Ensure that the performers are seen and heard ahead of time. Work out any issues in advance and have a clear line of communication opened and ready for action.

  • Adhere to regulatory standards - Intimacy Coordinator Toronto is committed to all ACTRA and SAG-AFTRA guidelines regarding scenes of intimacy and simulated sex.

  •  Someone on hand in real time to deal with issues as they arise whilst keeping on schedule.

Benefits of Intimacy Coordination Services

Hiring an Industry Professional to assist in supporting your production in this area of expertise offers:

  • Professional, productive and with a positive demeanour, I am committed to getting the job done smoothly in a time sensitive manner.

  • Tailored specifically to your production, techniques utilized are not ordinary because each production has its own specific needs. Focusing on your specific needs is intrinsic to this process.

  • Value for money –  Pre-production conversations, planning, and a dedicated professional will save you time on the shoot day and we all know that time is money in this industry.

Reasons to Choose Intimacy Coordination: Text
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