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What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

Necessity is often the mother of invention and this role strives to answer the call of the Time's Up and  #Me Too movement

The Intimacy Coordinator is a specialist, for scenes involving Nudity, Simulated Sex and Intimacy. An Intimacy Coordinator (IC) keeps performers safer whilst supporting the creative vision of the Director.

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And why would I want one?

The benefits of an Intimacy Coordinator include...

-Facilitating communication  between all involved parties

-Furthering the artistic goals of the creative team

-Enabling the safest possible work environment for the performer(s) 

-Collaborating with relevant departments in advance to maximize the shoot day

-Lowering the risk of litigation by ensuring that all guidelines and protocols are adhered to

-Offering real time emotional support to anyone in need

-Being available to aid with the choreography or movement as required  

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For more information visit

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