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What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

An Intimacy Coordinator is a specialist, for scenes involving nudity, simulated sex and intimacy. An Intimacy Coordinator (IC) helps keep performers safer whilst supporting the creative vision of the Director.

Necessity is often the mother of invention and this role strives to answer the call of the Time's Up and  #Me Too movement

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Why do I want one?


-Facilitating communication  between all involved parties

-Furthering the artistic goals of the creative team

-Enabling a risk aware environment for the performer(s) 

-Collaborating with relevant departments in advance to maximize the shoot day

-Lowering the risk of litigation by ensuring that all guidelines and protocols are adhered to

-Offering real time emotional support to anyone in need

-Being available to aid with the choreography or movement as required  

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For industry guidelines visit

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