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Sex in Film & TV

Representing sex on screen has an important role to play. We want to delight in stories that reflect ourselves, offer new perspectives, and above all else entertain us. Producing content continues to be a driving force in our economy. It brings pleasure to an audience, and work to a community. One of the key components of hiring an Intimacy Coordinator is to support the production. An aspect of this role can help to mitigate the possibility of  untoward aspects surfacing, after the fact. 

With clear communication, rigorous high standards of excellence, and adherence to all riders and expressed boundaries: an Intimacy Coordinator can help to ensure no future issues arise.

An Intimacy Coordinator will keep records of consent conversations that have taken place either virtually, by telephone or in person. A paper trail will exist to ensure that all correspondence is traceable. The rider (to the contract) will obviously be a critical part of this.

Sex is, and continues to be, an important part of storytelling. An Intimacy Coordinator can help the cast to deliver their best performances, by co-creating a risk aware space in which to have boundless creativity. The Intimacy Coordinator is there to support the Director's artistic vision. With attention to detail, the very best possible production outcomes are achieved.

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