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Simulated Childbirth, Nursing, and Infant Care

Storytelling with a specialist on hand for authenticity

Stories of Birth

As an Intimacy Coordinator I will uniquely support performers, their scene partners, and departmental personnel. Individual experience regarding birth can be an emotional topic.

Hire an Intimacy Coordinator who specializes in this area. 

Allow me to bring breadth of knowledge and realism to your project. I will uphold the artistic vision of the scene, whilst incorporating realistic choreography and breath-work to help tell your story.

From the labour of childbirth, through infant care, and nursing, let me support production, by sharing valuable nuances in these areas. 

I offer interdepartmental liaison regarding information for birth, nursing specific props, and wardrobe pieces. 




My training is with the National Childbirth Trust  in the U.K. Participants  gain in-depth knowledge to support labour, and nursing.  Some of the topics covered include; labour positions and benefits, natural or assisted delivery, drug options, non drug pain relief, and nursing.


Personal Experience

I have three children of my own, delivered by various means, and methods. They were born in Canada and England, which gives me experience in cultural norms and practices in both these places. I have experienced natural childbirth, and assisted delivery: some usual, (and less usual!) labour experiences. I have also had the privilege of being present, to witness and support others delivering their babies in hospital, and at home. I nursed my babies, and have assisted many others through the challenges, and rewards of nursing.

Simulated Childbirth & Nursing: Features
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